Concision Version 2.0

This version, although not animated, does have a certain flow to it. The line use and white space creates a subtle moiré effect so there is implied motion. The top-down ordering of "Concision Version 2.0" sends a different message to the circular animation of "Concision Version 1.0"

On balance, I don't know whether I prefer 1.0 or 2.0 , but I'm glad I engaged in the exercise and curious to see if any comments arise.

Concision Version 1.0

As a poet, I like the idea of the concision that might be provided by animated GIFs - One can condense a large amount of information into a tiny space. One can edit the timing to create an organic punctuation.

Having experimented on social media, there are technical challenges in that the GIF doesn't automatically and consistently play on major platforms (Facebook and Twitter) ... This means that viewers have to click or otherwise interact with the piece before it reveals its meaning. Of course, there's an artistic virtue to that. However, the static "Concision Version 2.0" creates more engagement.