Life is (not) Like a Circus

Let me say that life is like a circus

It is filled with smells
That you half
Recognize - Smells of other species' sex
Lions' half-tamed dominance
The must of elephants' intellectual

And are those flesh-colored leotards
Or flesh-colored…flesh

And the contortionist's doing something naughty
And clowns aren't funny
Sometimes sad
Mostly just creepy

And life ends too soon
And has harsh notes
And it's sexist
In an out of date way
And the food is not filling
And the clowns are creepy
And there's too much shit
And not enough sawdust

It is a place of cruelty
To animals but…
Those most cruelly used
Those most cynically exploited
Are the spectators
In each town
Like a herd of wildebeest
Except the cattle stands still
And the lions go from town to town

Run away, run away
Run away
And join the circus