I touched you
And I thought that I would never speak again

I touched you
And I forgot… What?… I kept forgetting

An E sailed out
Suspended on itself

Never setting
Tacking organically to the Horizon

It never looked back
Why should it?

It had said all it needed to say
It had said all that needed to be said

I tried to chase it with an A
But that note went its own way

Ignoring the compass And conformity
I released a D
And then a G

Set each free to seek
Their own infinities

I went with them all
Exiled and sustained

Long-later and light-headed
I returned to breath


Literary Porn Star

Through the letter box today
Discreetly labeled and discretely sent
A package
No casual passer-by
Could determine the
Subversive nature of its printed content

Delicately I laid it out
Upon the bed
Turned page on page
Didn't realize my breath was held
Until I gasped and let it out
I had made the center spread

Shivered at the bondage clamps across
The navel of this publication - Cut in two
And perfect bound
The staples gleamed
My virgin work lay naked on this scandalous sheet
Spread-eagled in this nude review

Whatever would my mother think of me
If she knew that just this June
I was a Playmate of the Month
In that pornographic mag: the LRC

(On being first published in the June 2010 edition of the Literary Review of Canada)