Sweet All - Animated

Frankly, I'm not sure of other people's take on these animations.

I love the original - It's a eulogy for an old friend, Declan Mulholland.
One of Declan's biggest roles was that of Jabba the Hutt

... and so I thought it might be nice to do a second version of his piece... animated and in a space station.

If you view this in Youtube, closed captioning is also available.

The Nature of Grilled Bread - Animation

This is another experimental piece... The original (with my voice) is up here too, but the effect of this version is (to me) quite different.

I like that there's a discussion going on between the superhero and her alter ego... It reflects the duality of the piece I thnk.

By the way, I've added closed captioning which is synced to the animation... However, I think you have to select "Watch on Youtube" on the bottom right hand side of the video