Best Friend

Which friend

Best for your career
Best for your self-esteem
Or humility

Best for Fridays
Or weddings
Or divorces

Best for you

Or best for me
Best for inspiration
Best as an example
Of what not to do

Best as only
Best as crowd

Best as someone
Who follows dreams
Or is pursued by
Demons and debtors

Best owed
Or owned
Or old

I am none of these
To you
Or from you
Or of you

I refuse to be a custodian of your masks
I’m tired of your estrangement
I remain as your reflection
But I am not your friend

First Crack

Cracked plaster is compelling
It is the locus of all wisdom
It is the dwelling of the infinite

This is the focus point that I am drawn to
When the mind
Caught in re-boot
Needs to start again


This is a crack in a wall
It is shallow by human standards
Deep as a canyon if one were very 

A dry gulch connected to others
Sisters and brothers
Who have shifted great tectonic plates
That are smaller than my hand


Trying to re-think
To find

A Mind mulched 

By Real

This isn’t real
This is one of those things
You read about or see
And marvel at how nobly
They cope with their adversity

And find their faith


What lives inside the cracks
Behind the plates
Sandwiched in the warmth and dark
Between the wall and paint

The mortar
Mort d’art 
More Dar

Please let there be now

The Truth About Teapots

Teapots are known to be somewhat pretentious
C'est vrai
They say

Teapots are known to be somewhat morose
Tea ducts
Tear ducts

Teapots are known to be somewhat contentious
Slake thirst?
Milk first!

Teapots are known to be somewhat grandiose
Tea cups
Mere cups

Least civil of all the cupboard's crockery
They frequently resort to mockery

But some of us
Less easily awed
Can see that they
Are deeply flawed

It isn't just the one who pours
Do not forget
The teacup
Saucer or the spoon
They too are dreamers

Most respectfully yours,


Your humble creamer