Intended Purpose (animation)

I continue to explore new ways of presenting the written word/sound/and motion graphics. Most explorations are dead ends...but I find this interesting enough to want to share it.

It's an experimental animation of one of my poems.

I used a computer generated voice to "read" the poem. I then animated an avatar in an artificial 3 dimensional space to present the piece.

This creates a very strange (and I think compelling) relationship between the humanity of the poetry and the mechanical qualities of the presentation.
For me, this has added new layers of meaning. The computer voice software introduced ghost artifacts (surprising phrasings and intonations) - Many of these interfered with comprehension and I removed them in post production. However, some of these "ghosts" were chillingly appropriate - and I emphasized these.

The animation software also introduced ghost artifacts that were incredibly apt... and since the poem speaks to the role of chance in the creation of art...Well, I had to keep them.

FYI, like an increasing number of my pieces, this video is Closed Captioned... However, I would recommend leaving this OFF for the first viewing of this piece. I find this a bit distracting - particularly on a smaller screen. If you choose to view it a second time you might try making it full sized to fit your screen.