What You Should Know

There’s something that you should know already
But you don’t
And it doesn’t matter what it is
It matters that you don’t know

And you should know

And I’ve long debated all the
Good in should
And should I tell
Need I tell
And well… for me
I’ve gone through tough

And we’ve both lived long enough
Without the burden of full disclosure
What’s the point of more exposure
It won’t provide a drop of peace
Or spiritual composure

As we both age to middle-age
Sage supposedly

And there’s a growing list
Of things you mis-remember
Or dis-remember
Of our common past

So much that I now accept
The stories that you share as true
Acknowledge glories
For races that you say I’ve run
And even won

I’m less committed to those absolutes of truth
Discovered all those shouldn’t - shoulds
Are just a self indulgent luxury of youth

But then
Of course
You know that already